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Betaine (TMG) Powder


124,17  / kg

regeNAD (NAD Booster)


1.210,19  / kg

Carnosine powder


796,67  696,67  / kg

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Vitamin D3 K2


663,33  / l

QMEGA (Omega 3)


747,22  / kg

Carnosine powder


796,67  696,67  / kg

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Daniela Sandvoss Testimonial Thumbnail 3
Daniela Sandvoss Testimonial Thumbnail 3

"MoleQlar offers me a wide range of options to grow old in a healthy, self-determined, vital and energetic way." - Daniela S.

"In fact, my biological age was 10 years younger. I am now 55 years old and according to the test I was 45." - Reiner K.

"I have come across a reputable & competent dealer at MoleQlar, who actually deals with all the background information and studies." - Leif K.

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Apigenin Parsley Extract Supplement Moleqlar Longevity

What is apigenin?

Apigenin belongs to the flavonoid family and occurs naturally in plants such as parsley and camomile. It is also found in thyme, cherries,...

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  • Regular quality controls in accredited German laboratories
  • Proven stable substance content
  • Strict criteria for the choice of manufacturer
  • Expert guidance on your way to a healthy future
  • Open ear for your suggestions, wishes & complaints

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  • No independent laboratory tests
  • Often poor quality & lack of transparency in ingredients
  • Cheap & polluted production
  • No advice and information
  • Poor accessibility and typed responses