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Dr. Reiner Kraft

"In fact, my biological age was 10 years younger. I am now 55 years old and according to the test I was 45."

Daniela Sandvoss

"MoleQlar offers me a wide range of options to grow old in a healthy, self-determined, vital and energetic way."

Leif Kruse

"At MoleQlar I came across a serious & competent dealer who actually deals with all the background information and studies."

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MoleQlar stands for:
  • Regular independent quality controls
  • Stable substance content
  • A traceable origin
  • Collaboration with the largest NMN study worldwide


  • Regular quality controls in accredited German laboratories
  • Proven stable substance content
  • Strict criteria for the choice of manufacturer
  • Expert guidance on your way to a healthy future
  • Open ear for your suggestions, wishes & complaints

Comparison provider

  • No independent laboratory tests
  • Often poor quality & lack of transparency in ingredients
  • Cheap & polluted production
  • No advice and information
  • Poor accessibility and typed responses

Best rated:

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