The Longevity Guide

Longevity means healthy living longer

Maintaining health can be quite overwhelming - especially when it comes to choosing the right longevity supplements. Which products are right for my body and my own personal construction sites? Where should I start?

To make decision-making easier, we have created the four MoleQlar cell qualities. They bring all MoleQlar products into a larger context. Whether you want to improve your structure or boost your energy levels, this Longevity Guide will tell you which supplements are best for what!

MOLEQLAR® cell qualities

Structure Longevity Guide Moleqlar

Spatial integrity

The cell is not unlike a house - quite the opposite. There are different rooms or compartments everywhere. The kitchen, living room and bathroom in the cell are the mitochondrion, nucleus and lysosome.

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It is essential for the cell that the individual units are and remain separate from each other. Only then can they perform their respective tasks undisturbed. After all, you don't shower in your living room. But intact barriers also play a role on a larger level.

Our skin, for example, is an organ with a breathtaking variety of functions. From the sense of touch, to temperature regulation, to defense against pathogens - our largest organ has versatility written all over its face. In the skin, collagen, elastin and other fibers ensure great resistance while at the same time providing the necessary elasticity. A balancing act that our skin masters brilliantly.

Over time, however, more and more proteins become misfolded, our stem cells become less efficient, and the garbage disposal system has also had its glory days. A superficial injury here, a bruise there, and then all those new wrinkles - these are all signs that the structure is suffering. But you only have to leave it that way to a certain extent. Houses can be renovated - and so can the body. Renovated houses may not be new, but they look better, have more efficient technology and are ultimately habitable longer than those without intervention.

Hyaluron (hyaluronic acid)

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691,67  552,78  / kg

Homoeostasis Longevity Guide Moleqlar

Preservation of homeostasis

Everything is demanded of our body every second. The blood sugar level must move in step with the energy demand, the electrolytes must be distributed so that cells do not burst, and the blood flow should adapt to the current load. The big concept behind all these processes is what we call homeostasis.

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This involves maintaining a stable environment in the body. Whether sports, infection, stress, sleep or food - our organism tends to restore the original equilibrium with every downward or upward deflection. At the cellular level, enzymes and other proteins master the task. The endocrine system regulates larger cell clusters up to entire organs (e.g.: pancreas, ovaries, thyroid gland) via hormones.

The nervous system then still contains the control box for things like body temperature, stress response or breathing. When the body gets out of balance, the consequences are all too noticeable: Diabetes, arteriosclerosis, dysbiosis, faster biological aging. However, each and every one of us can throw in a few more or less heavy weights to ensure that balance does not remain the exception to the rule.



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Betaine (TMG) Powder


124,17  111,75  / kg

Carnosine powder


796,67  / kg

Berbersome (Berber)

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845,32  786,21  / kg

Betaine (TMG) capsules


511,43  460,29  / kg

Inflammaging Longevity Guide Moleqlar

Response to stress

Inflammaging refers to the now widely known "aging of inflammation" - a process in which the immune system maintains a chronic inflammatory response over time. This silent permanent inflammation then suddenly becomes quite loud when the atherosclerosis it fosters leads to a heart attack or toes fall victim to diabetic changes.

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That's the crux of the matter - we don't notice the inflammaging because the changes are molecular in nature. This is precisely why it would be so important to take preventive action here. With antioxidants that either directly or indirectly (via transcription factors such as Nrf2) neutralize the "radical" causes of inflammation.

If this does not succeed, DNA is destroyed, the immune system is weakened, lipid metabolism is thrown into turbulence, and cellular senescence is opened the door. In short, a small fire is lit everywhere that develops into a real conflagration over many years. However, it is in our hands to send fire-fighting vehicles - the sooner, the better.

Regeneration Longevity Guide Moleqlar

Cellular energy

Nothing runs in our body without our fantastic miniature power plants, the mitochondria. The more energy a cell consumes, the more mitochondria it usually has. A heart muscle cell has around 5000 of these energy machines on board. Nerve cells, liver cells, sensory cells are also well equipped. Very unfavorable, however, is the fact that mitochondria already show the first signs of fatigue in 25-year-olds.

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The power of our little power plants is measured in the amount of microbatteries produced, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Weighed in kilograms, the mitochondria produce about as much ATP daily as we weigh to keep all life and metabolic processes running.

At rest, mind you. When we do sports, it becomes significantly more. Unfortunately, this gigantic energy supply system tends to weaken quite early on - with devastating consequences for our fitness and ability to regenerate.

regeNAD (NAD Booster)

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GlyNAC (glycine & N-acetyl-cysteine)

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Apigenin capsules


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Moleqlar One intake powder

All in one?

We understand that not everyone wants to delve as deeply into longevity research as we do. That's exactly why we developed the ONE. The product for those who like things simple yet complex.

One sachet. Once a day. Every day.
14 nutrients in ONE.
Longevity has never been so easy.

ONE (Daily Longevity Complex)

  • Groundbreaking formulation with 13 different longevity ingredients
  • Science-based composition & dosage with effects on all Hallmarks of Aging
  • No more mix & match: just one sachet a day to support your health and longevity
  • Harmonious taste with a natural lemon note & without sweeteners
  • Practical monthly supply with 30 sachets per pack
  • Save 20% with the monthly subscription

406,13  / kg

Essentials - Strengthening the base.

Micronutrients ensure the smooth functioning of numerous bodily functions. Insidiously, deficiencies often arise, which sometimes have numerous negative effects on our organism. The MoleQlar Essentials Bundle includes the micronutrients (vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3) that the body most often lacks.

  • In Europe, on average 40 % of the population is undersupplied with vitamin D - in Germany, the proportion is as high as 56 %(R).
  • Less than 20% of the population consumes sufficient omega-3 fatty acids(R).
  • The majority of the population has an increased risk of magnesium deficiency(R).

    QMEGA (Omega 3)

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    830,56  747,22  / kg

    QNESIUM (magnesium)


    401,99  / kg

    Vitamin D3 K2


    663,33  / l

    Essentials Everyday Bundle

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