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Research has always tried to decipher the processes behind disease and ageing. However, the findings are often difficult to understand and classify. We want to change that. Science asks why, why, why. We do that too. But we want to answer complicated questions simply. In the magazine, we want to build a bridge between the biology and biochemistry of ageing and society and thus create an awareness of the body and how it works. Because ageing comes in instalments and we ourselves can help determine the level of these instalments.

We believe that knowledge is the best life insurance and that science belongs to all who want it.


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Here you will find all the information about our promising longevity molecules. Where does the substance occur? What does the molecule do in the body? You have questions, we have the answers.
Hyaluron hyaluronic acid article image

What is hyaluron (hyaluronic acid)?

Hyaluron, or hyaluronic acid, is familiar to many from plastic surgery, where the substance has long been used as a "wrinkle filler" for the skin. The molecule comes naturally...

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Hallmarks of Aging

What invisible changes happen in the body as we grow older? What are the reasons for wrinkles, cataracts or high blood pressure? We take a look at the hallmarks of ageing in the series "Hallmarks of Aging": molecularly, profoundly, understandably.

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Nutrition Hacks Health Longevity

The top 5 nutrition hacks for a long life

Particularly in the health sector, one reads time and again about nutrition hacks for losing weight or for improving performance in sports. But what actually helps to be healthier and potentially longer...

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Taurine Miracle Cure Longevity Article image

Taurine prolongs life - or does it?

Taurine, an amino acid familiar to some as an ingredient in energy drinks, has been shown in a study in the journal Science to extend the lives of healthy mice by about...

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Blueprint Bryanjohnson Longevity Lifespan

Bryan Johnson's Blueprint

More than 30 doctors, scientists, physiotherapists and nutritionists are at his side every day to optimize every little adjustment screw of his body. The speech...

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