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Good and long health starts with you - with your willingness to learn more about your body and thus about yourself. The Info Hub is your gateway to the world of science. We connect you with the latest innovations in health and longevity research - understandable, transparent and neutral. So you can make informed decisions about your healthy future. A future in which prevention plays a greater role and people value their health. And a future in which ageing brings more time and more opportunities.



What can you expect from MoleQlar Magazine?

Research has always tried to decipher the processes behind disease and ageing. However, the findings are often difficult to understand and classify. We want to change that. Science asks why, why, why. We do that too. But we want to answer complicated questions simply. We want to build a bridge between the biology and biochemistry of ageing and society and thus create an awareness of the body and how it works. Because ageing comes in instalments and we ourselves can help determine the level of these instalments.

We believe that knowledge is the best life insurance and that science belongs to all who want it.

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Knowledge in your ears.

Sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes quite sober, people talk about their lives or their field of expertise, usually in discourse with a second person. Podcasts can be provocative, educational, profound or moving, but they are certainly never free.

On this page we have linked selected Longevity podcasts from the field of longevity and health maintenance. So that you can listen to the voices and opinions of experts and keep your finger on the pulse of knowledge on the way to work, on the bus, during sport or when you have a few quiet minutes.

Book recommendations

Longevity Black on White.

When the fascinating story of the longevity pathways mTOR, AMPK and the sirtuins went around the globe in the form of 'Lifespan', many thought that was all there was to longevity and health maintenance. In fact, however, there are many roads to Rome and numerous researchers are just as willing as David Sinclair to share their longevity theories with the world.

We have compiled here a (constantly growing) list of Longevity books that educate and inspire in equal measure.