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The 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health connects successful global players and hidden champions from the chemical and health sectors with innovative start-ups.

As a central platform, 5-HT introduces established companies to our global startup network - and vice versa.

5-HT is part of the Digital Hub Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

Uthever® NMN - Effepharm Ltd.

Effepharm Ltd. is Intertek certified, the manufacturer of Uthever® NMN and supports MoleQlar in scientific issues.

In a market full of fake NMNs, Effepharm stands out with outstanding quality, purity and integrity.

From research to production, Effepharm has assembled a team of highly competent scientists to monitor the production process. The research team consists of food chemists and pharmacists who studied in Germany, the USA and China. It is only through this unparalleled expertise that Effepharm manages to deliver the highest quality and most stable NMN in the world.

Effepharm and MoleQlar intend to jointly advance the global research efforts on NMN.

Uthever NMN

epiAge™️ epigenetic age test - epiAge Germany

epiAge MoleQlar

With epiAge™️ Germany, we distribute the epiAge™️ own-age test.

epiAge offers you an easy-to-use DNA analysis to calculate your biological age. After an uncomplicated saliva test, you will receive the test result of your epigenetic age within a few weeks.

epiAge Germany collaborates with the independent laboratory of Prof. Dr. Moshe Szyf at the renowned McGill University, one of the world's leading epigeneticists.

With epiAge, we make it easy for you to track your individual longevity progress.