MOLEQLAR (gespr. Molecular) is a science-based longevity company and your link to health and longevity research innovations.

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The founding team. (from left to right: Dr. Clemens Klingler, Max Griessinger, Dr. Mario Gietl)

We are living longer and longer - but not healthier in relative terms. There are many reasons for this: poor nutritional status, high sugar consumption, chronic lack of exercise. The current type of medicine allows diseases by doing too little for prevention and health maintenance.

Your time is now.

MoleQlar wants to enable a longer and, above all, healthier life.

Good and long health begins with you. With your willingness to learn more about your body and thus about yourself. Good health then goes through regular information, case-by-case diagnostics and changing bad habits. Ultimately, health maintenance ends with valuable time. Time with your loved ones, time for personal projects and time to achieve goals - at your own pace and not with illness as a clock.

Maintaining health also means maintaining perspective. Because we still have so much to do, no matter how old we are.

Thinking about the day after tomorrow today.


With the MoleQlar Info-Hub and the Beyond Lifespan Podcast, we invite you to learn more about your body and the basics of longevity.


Innovative diagnostic tools give you the opportunity to take snapshots, experience yourself and watch your body work for a short time.


Certified and laboratory-tested nutritional supplements help you to specifically promote physical functions, compensate for deficiencies and prevent degradation.


In the medical field, medical professionals are there to help you on your way to a healthier future - knowledgeable and evidence-based.


We are excited about the prospect of a healthier future. A future in which prevention plays a greater role and people value health. And a future in which ageing brings more time and more opportunities.

We are a few who have a vision for many. With MoleQlar, we want to rethink medicine.

The people behind the vision.

Founder & CEO

Max Griessinger

Max is the founder and CEO of MOLEQLAR and is currently studying medicine in his last semester in Innsbruck. Even before founding the company, he was a passionate biohacker and was interested in the topics of nutrition, self-optimization and health alongside his studies.

"Advances in longevity research ultimately created my vision for MOLEQLAR - with the goal of extending the health and lifespan of as many people as possible."

Co-Founder & CMO Mario Gietl, BSc

Mario is a doctor and co-founder of MOLEQLAR. He doesn't want to grow old, but to stay healthy - for as long as possible. What has matured over the learning years as a personal conviction, became a matter of the heart with MOLEQLAR.

"For me, MOLEQLAR is the ideal tool to motivate people to think about the day after tomorrow today - for the sake of their health."

Co-Founder & COO Clemens Klingler

As a doctor and co-founder of MOLEQLAR, Clemens aims to raise people's health awareness. Health should not only be appreciated when you are ill. We all age every day - there's no question about that. But how we age is in our own hands.

"With MOLEQLAR, I want to provide an evidence-based tool to promote our well-being."

Katharina Griessinger

Logistics & Customer Service

Tatjana Pratschke


Yannis Diener

Content Creation

Elena Rixner

Team assistance

Joshua Heyne

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Scientific Advisory Board

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