Dr Sophia Wachner

Medical specialisation:

Specialist for internal medicine

Range of services and activities:

  • Regeneration and prevention - health optimisation, performance enhancement and well-being
  • Functional medicine - therapy with a focus on chronic internal diseases
  • Orthomolecular medicine - nutritional therapy with infusion and micronutrient preparations
  • Healthy ageing - optimisation of individual protective and risk factors

Why you should come to me:

Sophia Wachner, MD, studied medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Chiang Mai University, Thailand and the University of Sydney. She completed her doctorate in regenerative medicine in Munich. She completed a large part of her specialist training at the Schwabing Clinic, specialising in cardiology, pneumology, emergency and intensive care medicine. Before settling down, she worked at the Centre for Prevention and Sports Medicine at the Technical University of Munich.
At the Sophia Wachner practice, she combines her orthodox medical training with a functional and integrative medical approach to provide individualised patient care. True to the attitude: there is no conventional or alternative medicine - only medicine that works and medicine that doesn't. Her treatment includes nutritional therapy, (heavy metal) detoxification, meditation, stress management, herbal and micronutrient supplements, microimmunotherapy and prescription medications, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, to help patients achieve deep and lasting healing.

"I accompany my patients holistically on their path to greater well-being, health and performance."

Waisenhausstraße 52a
80637 Munich (Gern)