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Buy Spermidine Switzerland - What exactly is Spermidine?

Do you live in Switzerland and would like to buy spermidine? Then you've come to the right place. You can also buy vegan and gluten-free spermidine capsules from Switzerland. Spermidine is a purely herbal food supplement made from high-quality, natural raw materials. Due to the development of our products in cooperation with several independent universities and laboratories, we have learned that various raw materials can negatively influence the spermidine content. Therefore, we deliberately avoid additives and use only soybean extract and chlorella algae powder for our vegan and gluten-free spermidine capsules. These high-quality ingredients are responsible for the particularly stable spermidine content in the capsule. The molecule spermidine is a polyamine that contributes significantly to the maintenance of health and body function. For the first time, spermidine was found in the eponymous male seminal fluid. It is now widely known that spermidine is found in all our body cells and specific gut bacteria can even produce this molecule themselves. However, the amount produced naturally in the body is not sufficient to meet the demand.

The human body can break down and reuse individual cell components. It has a kind of recycling system called autophagy. As we age, our intracellular spermidine content decreases, so we depend on spermidine-rich foods. Our body can produce a certain amount of spermidine itself. This happens more when the metabolism is boosted by exercise. Conversely, production decreases when metabolism slows down. However, the body's own production is not enough to cover your needs. Therefore, cells are dependent on certain foods.

Spermidine and thus spermidine-containing food supplements are mainly obtained from whole grain cereals or wheat germ, soybeans (approx. 200 mg/kg) or legumes. Mushrooms and mature cheese are also rich in spermidine. If you want to buy spermidine capsules from us and you live in Switzerland, you may have to pay additional customs duties and VAT. fees may apply.

Spermidine Switzerland - These foods contain particularly high levels of spermidine

Which foods contain the most spermidine? As is well known, spermidine is present in every cell of the body. The natural substance is not only produced by the cells themselves, but also by certain bacteria in our intestinal flora. About one third of spermidine comes from our own production, the rest is absorbed through food. The following foods are particularly rich in spermidine: mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, legumes, various types of cheese, wholemeal products and wheat germ. In addition, soybeans are potent natural sources of spermidine.

However, it should be noted that the spermidine content in natural sources can vary greatly. Spermidine capsules with a stable substance content can help here. In addition to spermidine, (intermittent) fasting can also boost our recycling system. The most common rule of thumb here is 16:8 - fast 16 hours and eat 8 hours. The principle behind this is as logical as it is simple. If nothing new comes along, then old is recycled. In addition, the body is not always busy breaking down new food, but can also "clean up" from time to time. The benefits of fasting range from a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases to improved performance. In this case, less is indeed more.