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How can I recognise genuine NMN?

Nmn post image authenticity

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is one of the most counterfeited molecules in the world. A study in the USA recently tested 22 different suppliers - with devastating results. More than half of them did not offer genuine NMN or only inferior NMN. This prompted us to create a short guide for you to buy genuine NMN.

Link to the study

Have NMN tested yourself:

This is very safe, but unfortunately also very expensive. Depending on the laboratory, you have to reckon with costs of 150-300€ for this. Purities of less than 99% are in any case worse than the current industry standard. We recommend the Arotop Laboratories in Mainz, which have long been our partners for reliable controls of our product batches.

Look for current certificates of analysis:

Transparency is everything. If a distributor or manufacturer of NMNs cannot show any current certificates of analysis, it is highly likely that they are fake NMNs. You can find all batches tested so far directly on the product page in the certificate tab.

Fluffy consistency

NMN basically has a very fluffy and loose consistency. If it is compressed for a longer period of time, it tends to clump slightly. However, this has no consequences for the quality of the chemical.


Although the price of NMN has fallen steadily in recent years, it remains a comparatively expensive molecule. If a product is conspicuously cheap, it is best to leave it alone. For a price comparison, the price per gram is a good guide.

The bottom line is: trust is good, but control is even better. Trustworthy manufacturers know about the problem with fake NMNs and will provide you with all the necessary documents without hesitation.

We hope that you have found your trustworthy partner in MoleQlar. If not: Good luck in your search with the guide above!